Could you benefit from a more personalised approach to healthy eating? I offer eating plans that are designed just for you, taking into account your lifestyle, food preferences and goals and always given with a healthy dose of pragmatism. Your plan is not a diet, but a way of eating well for the long term that will address your issues and fit in with your life.

I can help with the following areas:

  • Weight control / weight loss
  • Nutrition support for training programmes, eg. 10k, half marathons, long distance bike rides, swims etc
  • Family nutrition – specific issues or help with healthy meal planning for the whole family
  • Health issues that may be related to your diet

A consultation can be done in person, on the phone or by video conference and lasts about an hour. Before the initial consultation, I’ll ask you to complete an honest 5 day food diary. We’ll go through some questions on your general health, food preferences and goals or issues and what you’re hoping to achieve. I’ll then put together your personal eating plan of general guidelines and more specific meal recommendations, including recipe suggestions. This is yours to keep and stick on the fridge for inspiration.

A follow-up consultation is recommended for 3- 4 weeks later, to check your progress and make any tweaks to the plan.


Initial consultation – £55

Follow-up consultation – £25

To make an appointment for a face to face or telephone consultation, complete the contact form or call 07787 254894.

Body Boost Programme

Kick start your weight loss with Fitness Function and Pragmatic Nutrition. This exclusive programme combines personalised dietary advice from the Pragmatic Nutritionist with small group fitness sessions and personalised fitness tips.

It is a 6-week intensive programme in Penn, Bucks that includes:

•2 x 30 minute customised small group exercise classes per week with a fully trained instructor at the Fitness Function studios, plus weekly fitness tips tailored to your needs and ability

•3 x sessions with a nutritional therapist giving tailored recommendations for an initial weight loss phase followed by development of an eating plan for long term sustainable weight management

The Body Boost programme costs just £165, which includes all 15 sessions, a personal eating plan and tailored fitness tips.  To book your place contact Philippa Hatch on 07787 254894 or complete the contact form. 


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